A Passionate Appeal to all Mmarima Mma – The President

I am by faith believing that every member is doing very well especially those in Accra that experienced the floods as well as those in London and Paris. I use this opportunity also to pray to Allah to grant answers to our Muslim family their prayers of supplication in this fasting period.
I wish all fathers and potentials fathers Happy father’s day in advance, may we be shining example to our homes and community by rendering indelible service as our motto states.
In retrospect the association has been revived for only 6 years in the life of the school which is almost 50 years. If running of an association of gallant men and women is an easy task, there wouldn’t have been hibernation episodes in our ‘smooth’ operation.
In this last 6 years the association has been more visible than ever; has had a stronger relationship with the school and authorities more than ever.
Today we have WhatsApp platforms, a website, YouTube channel and good impressions on the world wide Web. Have had quite good traditional impression as well not forgetting an official Facebook and Twitter page all in the last 6 years of revival.
We have successfully organized 5 homecomings on the trot without any breaks.
We have been involved in extra curricula activities like National Math’s and Science Quiz and Sprite Basketball Championship which hitherto was absent.
In this few years we have been blessed with an Old Boy in the person of Mr. Foli to head the school with a follow up successful Speech and Prize giving day which almost all prizes were sponsored by the association.
In this 6 years, we can boast of almost 10 committed years groups that are active now unlike the past 44 years or so.
A young man out of our activities is being sponsored by one of our own through university. Some have gotten jobs and business partnership and contracts within the 6 years of our revival crusade of the Association.
Within this 6 year we have been able to officially register our Mmarima Mma name as an association as well as Koforidua Sec. Tech. Old Students Association.
Plans are underway to have that of UK branch and USA registered after their reactivation.
For a very long time we have never had a strong bond between first generation and the rest but it is happening and growing stronger. The elucidation is clear to always having Dr. Ralph Ntumy, Snr Daniel Abossey, Bossgie etc. in the midst of young men to demonstrate a healthy sign of such a bond.
We are challenged to build a Multi-Purpose Assembly Hall (MPAH) and committed 365 members have raised it to near substructure completion.
We are planning for the 50th anniversary launch come December 2016 and the anniversary proper in 2017.
All the above listed and many more in no doubt were not chalked without challenges or obstacles.
Leadership cannot boast of have done everything right through out these past 6 years. Our going forward will still come with short falls and hurdles to surmount.
We must admit that the association is still in the crawling state so we must be guided in our words so that we don’t plague it with poliomyelitis before it even starts to stand and learn to walk.
I passionately appeal to all who are sitting on the fence but have high inclinations of circulating false information, false estimations and false quantities without verification from hands on the deck. It is only when you are committed in words and deeds that you will appreciate how far we have come. Before you subject all efforts to the cleaners in your caucuses ask yourself where have you been all these years and especially this past 6 years? This does not bar constructive criticisms for our way forward.
Don’t just visit MPAH site and lash out at us without talking to any hand involved technically.
Criticisms are good but it must be posited in context to add value than to bring down or engage in mudslinging those sacrificing to do what we have all neglected over the years.
If you have any suggestions please wire it through your respective coordinators, especially when you are not satisfied with the approach of the executives who in their passionate efforts have held the fort to bring us this far.
Nothing breaks a united front than misplaced accusations and baseless circulation of misinformation. This is heartbreaking and a great source of demoralizing effects.
We appeal that you alert us with your concerns.  We are all budding brands and your bad-mouthing can hurt people’s careers because they were devoted with unalloyed commitment to serve their alumni.
Let’s be encouraged that if we don’t hasten slowly we will break the back of the association and if this happens like it did in the failed past revival, it won’t be easy at all to resurrect again.
If you have purposed to sit on the fence, please don’t intoxicate or confuse others from coming on board because giving back to Sec. Tech is giving back to God.
Yes, hold leadership responsible and accountable but do so in remits of comradeship, love and constitution with well-informed insights of the facts of the situation.
1st July get-together is here let us come together with our ‘One Bag Baako p3’ toward MPAH in a mood full of merry, commitment and networking.
We can learn from best practices but with the lessons of wisdom that we have imbibed over the barely 6 years in our drive towards building strong international standard alumni.
Educate for service is our motto, which we so much dearly cherish. Arise and shine
Mmarima Mma, Abusua Kesie
Thank you
Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah


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