Name       Year     Name         Year 
Felix O. Larbi 1995 Stephen Essien 1995
Giovanni C. Wilson-Sey 1995 Scofray Nana Yaw 1998
David Sackey 2003 Baaecho Albert A. 2001
Stephen Amedza Jnr. 2012 Opoku Agyemang Godfred 2012
Annoh Leonard 2012 Kingsley Young Opare 1987
Pius Agbewudey 1997 Aps. S. Y. Antwi 1977
Autis Nettey 1985 Joseph Yaw Boah 1975
Rev. W. Y. Asamoah 1976 Kwesi Amissah 1999
Francis Acheampong 1976 Samuel Djanie 2002
Enoch Danquah Nyarko 2013 Amos Kevin-Annan 1990
Joseph Boateng 2003 Josiah Ocran 2012
George Sarpong 1997 Kwasi Owusu Boadu 1977
Adjei Kofi 1999 David Kwaku Ansah 2001
Joshua Adjin-Tettey 2001 Adam Otoo 1994
Danquah Eric Effah 1999 Samuel S. N. L. Adjei 1993
Kwabena Aidoo Balck M. 1976 Daniel K. Abossey 1974
Miaouli Stavros Akabum 2002 Derrick Lartey 1977


  • Meeting started at 4:10pm. Opening prayer was said by Apostle Antwi.
  • Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, the association’s president welcomed all members to the meeting.


Anniversary cloth

The President explained to the meeting the third time the reason why the price of the cloth was pegged at GH¢50.00 per yard. He said we did not meet the minimum required printing order which was 1,500. Secondly, it is a pre-order and we have to pay before they print.

As at the time of the meeting, not even 50% of members had made commitment to purchase the cloth.

Comments which came after the explanation suggested that most members are waiting for last minute or rush hour. The anniversary committee pointed out that in case anyone knows of someone who is prepared to pre-finance the cloth, we will be glad, but no response came.

Apostle said we are facing challenges due to constitutional deficiency. He added that as it stands now, any old student from the school becomes automatic member of the association which is wrong. He therefore, suggested we create a registration portal in our website for committed members to register.

Pius could not agree more with Apostle and added that the whole issue is about commitment to the association.

The meeting reiterated on the agreed terms as outlined below for the third time to which the first window expired in July:

  • The sale of the anniversary cloth is on pre-order basis
  • The anniversary cloth is priced at GH¢50.00 / yard
  • Minimum purchase is 2yards.
  • The design of the cloth will be reposted on the various platforms
  • Three uniform sowing designs will be presented in our next meeting to avoid unwarranted designs.
  • We only have 2 openings arrangements with the Printing House
  • May to end of June 2017 and July to end of August 2017.
  • The cloth will be worn on the day of the anniversary which is 2nd December, 2017, the anniversary T-shirt is for any other day.
  • All monies for the clothes should be sent to Mobile Money numbers
  • Capone 0244681391
  • The committee said they are looking at other alternative incase GTP is not able to print due to the pre-order arrangement and the delay in paying. This will be communicated to the association in due course.
  • All coordinators were advised to discuss the issue surrounding the pricing of the cloth to their members to avoid misinformation and denting the image of the executive and committee members on various platform to the extent someone said on one platform that we priced the cloth high to get something into our pockets which was unfortunate because either he was misinformed or conjecturing.
  • K. O. Boadu advised all leaders to take it cool because such pronouncements would come on our ways. He said we need to explain to members to understand and advised that all coordinators should be tolerant in their dealings with members.
  • It came to light that other old boys are using the logo of the school to print other paraphernalia’s which is against the principle on which printing of such items have been agreed. The meeting extended warning to those who are involved and advised they desist in that trade. All printing of articles for the association must pass through the executive for approval. All coordinators were advised to tell their members that the culprits will face the full rigors of the laws in Ghana on copyright.
50th Anniversary updates and program outline

The president took us through the program outlined for the occasion. However, there were some suggestions and inputs which the meeting agreed to add and therefore, we agreed to present the final program and post it on various platforms in the course of the week which is also going to capture budget for the entire program.

Gist of the program outline
50th Anniversary of KSTS … 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2017
  • 21st Sept.2017 Mmarima @ 50 walk in Accra
  • 11th Nov 2017- Blood Donation
  • 30th Nov 2017 Candle light March in  K’dua
  • Climax 2nd Dec 2017
  • Church Service 3rd Dec 2017 Preacher – Apostle S. Y. Antwi

The meeting also agreed that we surcharge all year group to pay certain amount in aid of the organization of the 50th anniversary. This will also be communicated to the members and all platforms in the course of the week.

Apostle Antwi and Snr. Boadu talked about the progress of the re-modelling and reconstruction of the main entrance which will be completed and handed over to the school during the anniversary. Pictorial evidence on various platforms indicates about 70% work done.

Pius raised the issue of accommodation during the anniversary and the vice president Chairman Essien responded that he and Samuel Djanie are in charge of such arrangements so anyone interested should contact them.


  • Funeral of the Parents of Amos Kelvin Annan at Vera, Tema on 19 August 2017. Attire Yellow & Black
  • GPCC Appreciation Service in honour of Apostle S. Y. Antwi @ COP, Odorkor Central Chapel @ 10:00 on 26 August 2017
  • Funeral of Dan Kweku Mensah, father of Fred Amu Mensah comes off on 2 Sept 2017 at New Akradi. Attire: Black & White.
  • Funeral of the mother of the Nimako’s … 30 Sept. 2017


Other matters

BMJ enquired about Cosmos Energy wanting to sponsor the refurbishment of the school laboratories. Chairman Essien promised to follow up and brief the meeting.

In the absence of any other issue, Pius moved for the closure of the meeting and was seconded by Kwesi Amissah.

Silver collection – GH¢ 221.00.


Meeting came to a close at 6:10pm with a closing prayer by Rev. Asamoah after which the school anthem was sang, “Mmerimma mma” Abusa Kese3!.

Next meeting: 3rd September, 2017 at GBC Club House.

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