Name       Year   Name       Year 
Felix O. Larbi 1995 John Markin 1995
Scofray N. Yeboah 1998 Edem Adatsi 1999
Dominic Peasah 1990 Daniel Abossey 1973
Amon Ayensu 1999 Baaecho Albert Aniwiser 2001
Kwabena Aidoo (BMJ) 1981 Faweeett Nkansah 1999
Kwasi Amissah 1999 Seshie Eyram K. 1999
Benjamin Owusu Ozone 2000 Evans Krampah 1997
Moses Aidoo 1979 Pius Agbeuoadey 1997
Godfred Owusu One GH 2012 Gilbert Osei-Alomele 1984
Gabriel Tenkorang 2012 Nana Bempong Asare 1999
Owusu K. Boadu 1977 Essien Hubert 1992
Samuel Djanie 2002 Samuel S.N.L. Adjei 1993
Adam Otoo Lorenzo 1994 Ben Ayitey-Adjin 1981
Stephen Essien 1995



  • Meeting started at 4:20pm. Opening prayer was said by Kwasi Amissah.
  • The president welcomed all members to the meeting. Previous minutes was read and matters arising discussed.
Get-together / Adoption of columns fundraising
  • The president thanked all members for their presence and donations which made the program a success. Special mention was made to sponsors of the program.


Daniel Abossey 1974 Grounds
Nene Davies Korboe 1988 Food
Kwabena Aidoo BMJ 1981 Live Band
Patrick Gyamena 1975 and 1995 year group Water
Bishop Opare Lokko, 1995 year group and Nene Davies Korboe Drinks / Wine
  • Benjamin Owusu (Ozone) asked why we did not include the raffle coupons this time around. Chairman Esien explained that the last time we printed coupons raffle, we did not patronized it which made the association lose out on the printing. So we decided to exclude it to save cost.


Columns fundraising pledges:
  • The meeting agreed that all pledges must be redeemed by the end of May, 2017. The secretary was tasked to repost the pledges to serve as a reminder during the week.
  • The meeting appreciated all redeemed pledges. Special mention was made on the UK branch who pledged £1,000.00 however, redeemed on a higher score £1,300.00.
1st July Get-together/fundraising program
  • Members were made to understand that diaspora associations are supposed to have spearhead the program however, since they also had their fundraising and supported the 25th March program, we will also replicate same and make it our own. Whilst we do ours here they will also do theirs.
  • A committee was set-up to come out with modalities and planning for the 1st July program. President appealed to members that in case they are called upon by the committee, they should avail themselves to the course.
  • Pius offered to be part of the 1st July, 2017 get-together/fundraising planning committee on which the meeting agreed to it.
  • The committee will brief members on how the program will go in our next meeting 5th June, 2017.
Other ways to raise funds
  • There was a suggestion that we organize a formal dance party (ball) towards raising funds to support MPAH in August, 2017. Some also added that some of our Elite colleagues do not attend the fundraisings we have been organizing so far at the GBC Club House because they expect some form of a class in the whole program. We agreed that the executive will look into that and come out with another fundraising program to satisfy that need after the 1st July program at GBC Club House.
  • Pius suggested that we task seemingly committed year groups to contribute every month to keep MPAH running. He added that we can task active year groups to contribute GH¢1,000.00 every month. The meeting said it was a good idea but we have tried that several times but didn’t work. Chairman Esien added that even though it was a nice idea, it will end up same committed members contributing on the International platform raising that amount in the year groups.
  • Snr. Alor suggested that we liaise with the headmaster Mr. Foli on the formal dance party (ball) for him to use his influence on the elite old boys to personally invite them. The president said he will discuss that with the headmaster.
  • Kofi Lateku Lorenzo enquired about other activities earmarked before the 50th anniversary. Chairman Esien answered that the planning committee is working towards 2 or 3 sensitization programs and will be communicated to the association in due course. BMJ suggested that we use the Muslim holiday for some of the activities
Anniversary cloth

The meeting agreed that:

  • The sale of the anniversary cloth is on pre-order basis
  • The anniversary cloth is priced at GH¢50.00 / yard  Minimum purchase is 2yards.
  • The design of the cloth will be reposted on the various platforms
  • Three uniform sowing designs will be presented in our next meeting to avoid unwarranted designs.
  • We only have 2 openings arrangements with the Printing House  May to end of June 2017 and July to end of August 2017.
  •  The cloth will be won the anniversary day which 2nd December, 2017, the anniversary T-shirt is for any other day.
  • All monies for the clothes should be sent to Mobile Money numbers
    • Capone 0244681391
    • Felix    0244626340
Briefing by the School

The headmaster was not able to attend the meeting so he sent Kabila in his stead to brief us on the planned anniversary activities. They suggested the following:

  • The association should provide the guest speaker. The meeting suggested Dr. Yaw Annor CEO NHIA.
  • The chief of Jumapo will be the chairman for the occasion.
  • The association is in charge of the awards at the anniversary to which Black Moses asked that the school provides us with the awards categories to enable us plan towards it.
  • GES has approved a levy of GH¢50.00 to be paid by all students to be used for painting of the school and other activities towards the anniversary.
  • There will be a float probably Thursday evening so that old students can join; then to the bonfire / live band.
  • The school pleads with the association to sponsor Anniversary T-shirt for the students. President said he will relay the information to the appropriate quarters to look at it. The meeting agreed that we tasked ourselves to make sure they get the T-Shirt. Black Moses added that he will see what he can do about that request. The student population is about 2,500.
  • They want the association to help in organizing the School Cadet for a wonderful display on the occasion. The president promised to talk to Major and Obeleetu in that regard.
Frontage construction
  • Snr. Boadu briefed the meeting on the progress of work and also advised that those with technical knowhow should from time to time visit the site to advice on the design and construction.
  • BMJ told the meeting that he will visit the site on 13th May, 2017. Snr. Buadu agreed to meet BMJ at the site to finalize on some issue bordering on structural drawings.
Other matters
  • Samuel Djanie and Kofi Lateku Lorenzo were appointed as organizers by the meeting to help the executive in the area of organizing.
  • Capone and Felix are the handlers of the group finances.

Silver collection – GH¢137.00.


Meeting came to a close at 6:10pm with a closing prayer by Samuel Adjei after which the school anthem was sang, “Mmerimma mma” Abusa Kese3!.

Next meeting: 4th June, 2017 at GBC Club House.

Recorded by Felix Osae Larbi


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