“Educate for Service” is the foundation on which every past student was trained and has become the core pillars upon which current students are being trained. The onus lies on every old student to endeavor to live by this cardinal motto in every area of his/her life and serve as the shining star that epitomizes the pride and training of Koforidua Secondary Technical School. We deem it very honourable to give back to the school that made us who we are and put out a clarion call to all old boys and girls to mobilize and network so we can all serve as support pillars not only for each other, but for those currently being educated all for the advancement of K’dua Sec. Tech.

Vision: To be part of the strong foundation of every student admitted to K’dua SecTech and also create a networking base for all past students (“MMARIMA MMA”).

Mission: To mobilize and network all old students together to advance the cause of being part and parcel of the development of our alma mater, as well as serve as direct impacting role models for the continuing students.

We strive to:

  • Serve as a Conduit to bring all old students’ of Koforidua Secondary Technical School together.
  • Build Cooperation amongst various year groups in order to promote unity of purpose, common values, and a common vision to see K’dua SecTech a prime choice for graduating Junior High School students a must be school to attend.
  • Bring All Year Groups under the autonomy of KOSOSA in a way that allows each year group to be represented on KOSASA’s board by a designated person from that year group (“Chief Coordinator”).
  • Ensure that All Projects, events and programs organized by any year group in connection with or to benefit K’dua Sectech are organized under the auspices of and with the cooperation of KOSOSA.
  • Facilitate and Fast Track the process of the development and integration of each year group into KOSOSA and in the process to redress academic and infrastructural imbalances.
  • Establish a Firm partnership with the School administration, Student Representative Council (“SRC”) and Parent Teachers Association (“PTA”) to accelerate progress and development of the school.
  • Negotiate, Lobby and Facilitate employment connections between unemployed Members and other Members in position to offer employment or employment counseling.
  • Plan, Coordinate, Implement and Monitor various infrastructural development projects in the school.
  • Generate Funds to finance infrastructural development projects sponsored by KOSOSA through collection of dues, solicitation of donations and funds, as well as engaging in other fundraising activities as and when the Association deems necessary.
  • Ensure that it is set up as and remains a non-political, non-profit and non-religious Association as far as the Association’s activities and deliberations are concerned.
  • Ensure that it is properly registered with the Registrar General’s Department and undertakes all duties and obligations attending such registration.


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